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The first computer I ever used as an Apple IIe. This was back in 1986 and I never really developed a connection with computers for anything but work for about 10 years. Then in 1999 I was employed by an outsource call centre as a tech support agent for Apple. I fell in love and finally was able to get my own Mac two years ago. I now have an eMac and a Pismo that I got for a real deal after I sold my tangerine iBook that I picked up off of eBay from a non-Mac person for an absolutely steal. ...
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Happy 30th to all the wonderful people at Apple! My computers have always been Macs, they always will be. I've loved every one and have been sad to see each one go (esp. my Lime iMac!) but welcomed each new beauty into my home. You make my job as a writer a real pleasure. So thank you for your imagination and intelligence and dedication and the sheer sense of fun you infuse into every product. Margaritas are on me, and here's to many, many more years of thinking differently!...
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Happy Birthday Apple
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