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February 27 Website launched to help celebrate Apple Computers 30th Anniversary
happybirthdayapple.com was launched on 27th Feburary 2006 to help celebrate the 30th anniversary of Apple Computers. The site is collecting messages from people who want to thank Steve (Woz and Jobs) and Apple Computers for an awesome 30 years of innovative products and thought. Messages will have a cost of US$2 to cover the checking of the messages, layout and design, printing and binding of the book which will then be presented to Apple as a commemorative item as part of their 30th Anniversary celebrations. Messages will be accepted up till 28th March 2006.

Press Contacts:
Jared Madden
+61 4 0733 6777
[email protected]

Alain P. Chaperon

Holger Gruel

rosenknoten via kocmoc.org

Oliver Greve

Richard Jansson

I've used Apple computers my entire life. I've loved them and continue to. I have continuously tried...
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