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Exciting road ahead!
Our commemorative book is finished but we'd very much like to keep the momentum going. The history of Apple's entire lineup is important to us, including the Mac series, iPods, and new iPhones. We will take a short break while we hammer out the details of our next project, but in the meantime we are working with some of our peers on their projects. Please look out for some of our content on Wired's blog and a few guest posts on the used market for iPhones for our friends at Orchard.

Commerative Book In Production
Apple have received the temporary version of the commemorative message book. This is for use with their 30th Anniversary celebrations. Download the pdf version of the book entitled, We just wanted to say... (356K). The permanent book is in production and will take around a week to complete. It will then be presented to Apple as a display piece. Photos of the production process and the final piece will be posted online soon.

100 Messages sent via HBA
Within 24 hours of launching HBA had over 100 messages. All this with only 1 link in Macbytes, quite impressive. So now we are counting down to 1000 messages.

Apple anniversary countdown widget available
thankyousteve.com have realeased a dashboard widget that will countdown to Apple's 30th Anniversary on April 1, 2006 and promises a special grand finale that will reveal itself on April Fools Day at one minute past midnight. This is the second widget specific for the 30th anniversary thankyousteve.com have realeased after their Daily Woz and Jobs Quote widget. Download the Countdown Widget (1.1Mb) and the Daily Quotes Widget (681K).

happybirthdayapple.com launched
happybirthdayapple.com (HBA) was launched on Febraury 27 and will collect commerative birthday messages from around the the world which will then be presented to Steve Jobs and the crew at Apple Computers Inc. Messages will be accepted online between February 27 - March 28. The messages will then be checked, printed and bound into a book to be presented to Apple for their 30th anniversary on April 1. Messages will cost US$2 which will cover the manual checking, layout and design, printing, binding and presentation of the book which will have the title "We just wanted to say..."




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Other Anniversary Sites
Thank you Steve!
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